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Diverse, though not necessarily plentiful, megafaunas were present in those environments.

Herb tundra dominated during the LGM, due to cold and dry conditions.

are the archaeosites in the Americas with the oldest dates that have gained broad acceptance.Current understanding of the prehistoric migration and settlement of the Americas from Asia derives from advances in four interrelated disciplines: archaeology, Pleistocene geology, physical anthropology, and DNA analysis.While there is general agreement that the Americas were first settled from Asia, the pattern of migration, its timing, and the place(s) of origin in Asia of the peoples who migrated to the Americas remain unclear.Coastal environments during the Last Glacial Maximum were complex.The lowered sea level, and an isostatic bulge equilibrated with the depression beneath the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, exposed the continental shelf to form a coastal plain.

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There are no unequivocal stone tools associated with the bones...

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