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Bound proteins were analyzed using SDS-PAGE and Western blotting.

Our research group discovered a number of microbial SOAT inhibitors in several screening programs of an enzyme-based assay using rat liver microsomes and a cell-based assay using mouse peritoneal macrophages and SOAT1-/SOAT2-CHO cells).

However, Biotin-Beau selectively inhibited SOAT1 in the enzyme assay (SI, −1.12) (Table 1).

Therefore, Biotin-Beau may be employed as a useful bio-probe to investigate interactions between SOAT1 and beauveriolide.

(SOAT1-CHO cells and SOAT2-CHO cells, respectively) or humans (h SOAT1-CHO cells and h SOAT2-CHO cells, respectively).

However, the reason for this discrepancy in SOAT inhibition by Beau I and Beau III between the enzyme- and intact cell-based assays is unclear.

Interestingly, Beau I and Beau III showed unusual characteristics in selectivity; dual inhibition in the enzyme-based assay versus SOAT1-selective inhibition in the intact cell-based assay (Table 1).

Biotin-Beau-immobilized beads were used to analyze the interaction between beauveriolide and the SOAT1 protein.

However, no protein was observed from control AC29 cells (lane (1)) or control beads (no Biotin-Beau-carrying beads) (lane (3)).

These results indicate that beauveriolide directly binds to the SOAT1 protein.

1) were found to be the most potent SOAT inhibitors.

More importantly, Beau III was demonstrated to be orally active in atherosclerogenic mouse models, reducing atherosclerotic lesions in the aortae and hearts of apolipoprotein E knockout mice and in low density lipoprotein receptor knockout mice The enzyme SOAT (EC, which catalyzes the synthesis of CE from free cholesterol and long-chain fatty acyl-Co A, is regarded as a promising target for the treatment or prevention of atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia.

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