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It usually knew exactly what happened in court right after court was over.

Bethenny has been trying to get it taken down forever.

So once again, Hoppy has requested to move on with the trial. I predict that he will request a jury trial and his lawyers will repeatedly point out to said jury that he has turned down both a plea deal and an offer of adjournment in contemplation of dismissal in order to clear his name in the face of these charges.

If the jury finds in his favor, and if I were betting, I’d bet on an acquittal, he will be able to ask the court for attorneys fees to be paid by Frankel.

Even though Jason and Bethenny have been apart for two years, it’s hard to believe that Jason has completely left the spotlight.

After all, he played a major role in Bethenny’s Bravo spin-0ffs.

And remember Jason’s parents, Carol and Bob, who also appeared on Bravo?The court can and likely did include the anger management classes and the implementation of a full and final protective order as part of the adjournment rules.It could also require that the two parties commit to a dispute resolution and “comply with any award or settlement” determined by a mediator.Frankel’s newly minted effort to cast herself as a victim. Hoppy continues to work hard to protect his daughter from what appears to be her mother’s inability or unwillingness to put a clamp on uninvited media attention.By the way, interesting fact, Bernard made the list of 10 Lawyers You Don’t Want Representing Your Spouse In A Divorce.

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