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The boots were great both around Cold Spring Camp and in the 26 ft Sharpe Canoes.They provide great support and durability we’ve come to expect from Chota’s other products.In anyone else's hands, 24 songs could have landed flat, but Lambert focuses her intent with precision, a womanly roar, and guts.What results is an immersive experience into the darkest corners of the heart and soul of someone feeling nothing but misery. Then reward yourself with the video up top, a collection of student-created work from the Making Comics class Barry taught last fall at the great University of Wisconsin.

You have the ability to create a recognizable Batman because Batman’s basic shape is universally agreed upon, much like that of a car or a cat. Like the 15-second rule, this is the influence of Ivan Brunetti, author of With everyone’s Batman rocking a Charlie Brown-sized noggin and simple rubber hose style limbs, there’s less temptation to get bogged down in comparisons. We improve through practice, and you can't practice if you don't start.But as is always the case, music came through, and big, bringing a veritable flood of stellar albums that provided a little light in a year that desperately needed some. Lambert's mighty double-decker concept album is one of the most significant releases in the last decade.The way she examines the pain, sorrow and flurry of physical impulses post-divorce are unmistakably feverish and vivid.She has always had that voice, that voice that can pierce the heart and blast the mountaintops.But now, she has completely come into her own as one of the defining rock voices of today.

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