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After reviewing the footage, officers arrested Kyle Adam Maraghy and on suspicion of simple assault, KTLA sister station WGHP in Greensboro, North Carolina, reported. The cellphone video shows a Carolina Panthers fan sucker-punching another fan during Thursday night’s game at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.The incident happened after the 62-year-old victim told the Panthers fans standing in front of them that they were “being jerks” for not sitting.It was not long before she began to crave a new direction in her life.

Her career is so all engrossing, that she’s never in her life — never! Which means she’s had to become adept at fixing her diesel generator, her heating and her truck. The land she farms is owned by the National Trust and they were very particular about who they wanted to look after it.

As things turned out, she needed to call on those reserves of enthusiasm from the first moment she stepped foot on the farm. She was due to move in the following month — but the farmhouse was snowed in and it was impossible to reach it. And I had to leave all the taps running all the time, because running water doesn’t freeze. ‘Then spring came, and everything began to look a lot better.’Gradually, she set about putting the place right.

She tried again twice and got stuck in the snow each time. It’s still a work in progress — the house is messy, unpainted, not yet warm and homely — but at least ­everything now works, and Emma can sleep snugly at night. And what drives a friendly young woman to live in such isolation?

And when she steps out from behind the ­steering wheel, I do an embarrassingly obvious double take.

Yes, I knew I was going to meet Britain’s youngest shepherdess, but Emma is about as far from the weather-beaten outdoor type I’d ­conjured in my ­imagination, as possible.

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‘Some shepherdesses walk like man, talk like a man, dress like a man and don’t wear any make-up.

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