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We are of course happy for individuals to print a copy of the page for their personal use.Nightstop Scheme Stopovers marked with the Nightstop Scheme logo are part of a joint scheme run by Practical Motorhome magazine and The Motor Caravanners' Club.

Feedback Have you stayed at any of our listed stopovers? We encourage anyone using official motorhome stopovers to mention the facility when patronising local businesses, and if appropriate, write/email to the local council, thanking them for providing the service.

GPS Co-ordinates GPS coordinates are given as degrees and decimal minutes, and also as decimal degrees in brackets.

If your sat nav needs a different format try this online converter: Coordinates have been verified with Google Maps but note that the marker may not be at a routable location for some sat navs, this may result in the sat nav's 'best guess' for the destination being inaccurate.

Updated 5/1/2018 © Before making plans to stay at any of these please read the disclaimer at the end of the listing.

Always have a backup plan in case your chosen stopover is not available!

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