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Using the free service, which uses images recorded last spring and summer, Torontonians can view high-quality 360-degree snapshots of everything visible from almost every street in the city and its suburbs: homes, stores, parks, restaurants, tourist attractions, soon-to-be-toast vehicles.

Now 37, Roth wrote, directed and stars in a documentary film titled "Pursued," which premiered on Israeli television last week. "And then the most wonderful thing in my life happened: They sent me to my grandmother." Roth's grandmother, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, didn't know Hebrew perfectly herself.When he was about 8 years old, Menachem Roth, who was raised in a Hasidic family, went to live with his grandparents.On the first night after he arrived, when he recited the "Shema" prayer from a prayer book with his grandmother, she discovered he had no idea how to combine letters into words. "My father really hated me," he continues, describing how one evening an ambulance had to be called to take him to a hospital.– will delight in a photo of a man walking away from an adult video store on Yonge St.The man's face is blurred, like almost all other human faces visible on Street View.

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