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Catherine Jane "Cat" Grant is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Superman.

Lois Lane says that she thinks "Cat's lost it" and jokingly refers to her as a cougar.

Clark tells Lois that he believes Cat is dressing and acting the way she is to cover up the painful memories of her son.

New Supergirl writer Sterling Gates tells Newsarama "We're integrating Supergirl's book more into the Superman universe, and that includes having a supporting cast that overlaps with that world.

In retaliation Kara, after sending her a self-made greeting card satirizing her enmity, comes to visit her at the Planet with her new secret identity of Linda Lang, teenage niece of Lana Lang.Cat dresses more provocatively and acts more flirtatious than she ever has.During a conversation with Clark, she openly flirts with him and implies that she has had breast implants.Cat returns to work at the Daily Planet, as the editor of the Entertainment and Arts section of the paper.Her personality seems to have changed during her absence.

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