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We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

A sophisticated 1080p HD camera means it will be able to take high quality pictures, videos and even live streaming.

It can also play music to recorded sound, which Mayfield Robotics chief executive Michael Beebe uses to tell the robot to tell his dog to get off the couch.

The robot, which is made by Mayfield Robotics, is also getting belt treads as feet instead of wheels which means it will be able to move more easily on rugs and soft furnishings.

The humanoid robot walked off the side of the stage at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders conference during what was supposed to be a live presentation showing off the machine's new and improved abilities In 2015, Atlas competed in what is called the 'Robot-Olympics', where the world's most advanced robots compete in a series of challenging events.

IHMC watched as Atlas walked over the tricky terrain, but, without the new algorithm, the humanoid went tumbling down after taking just one step Google's Boston Dynamics Atlas has been upgraded with an algorithm that makes the humanoid better balance itself while traversing small stepping stones and rocks.

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