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The only available red fabric dye in 1748 was made of madder root, which can be processed to produce a brilliant red dye (used historically for British soldiers' jackets).

A regulation of May 4, 1927 once again states that Danish merchant ships have to fly flags according to the regulation of 1748.

In 1741 it is confirmed that the regulation of 1690 is still very much in effect; that merchant ships may not use the Splitflag.

At the same time the Danish East India Company is allowed to fly the Splitflag when past the equator.

The size and shape of the civil ensign ("Koffardiflaget") for merchant ships is given in the regulation of June 11, 1748, which says: A red flag with a white cross with no split end. The proportions are thus: 3:1:3 vertically and 3:1:4.5 horizontally.

The flag became popular as national flag in the early 19th century.

Its private use was outlawed in 1834, and again permitted in a regulation of 1854.

This definition are the absolute proportions for the Danish national flag to this day, for both the civil version of the flag ("Stutflaget"), as well as the merchant flag ("Handelsflaget"). A regulation passed in 1758 required Danish ships sailing in the Mediterranean to carry the royal cypher in the center of the flag in order to distinguish them from Maltese ships, due to the similarity of the flag of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

According to the regulation of June 11, 1748 the colour was simply red, which is common known today as "Dannebrog rød" ("Dannebrog red").

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