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I start from the sites, and with photos and videos I talk to you about the teaching of the Egyptian priests who knew a lot about our past and future. Most scientific research I come across adheres to very common concepts wrongly accepted as truth, so it is hard to come across accurate, honest research as yours.

I can finally authorize myself to do it after dozens of years of ancient texts and sites study in-situ..Δ If you are fascinated by the mysteries of Egypt, Africa and by the Mediterranean basin as Gigal Δ If you want to deepen the achievements and lessons of the ancient Egyptians with Gigal Δ If you want to travel in Egypt and to be informed, if you wish to know the latest discoveries with Gigal Δ If you want to know the archaeologic sites not yet opened to the public with Gigal Δ If you want to benefit from the experiences, adventures, and philosophy of Gigal Δ If you want to have access to hidden knowledge in the ancient texts or lasting in a rare and valuable oral tradition. Everyone seams to be preserving their jobs more than truth, hahaha!! As an avid Hebrew Scriptures researcher (and other ancient writings, on my own), through them I have come to understand the history of mankind (in more general terms) almost exactly as ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and South American texts describe it: gods (not god) created earth and man (Genesis1, Elohim).

I am moving to Egypt in January with my family in January and I so look forward to making your acquaintance in person.

Thank you for being such a grand teacher on this the subject that has intrigued and titillated me my entire life and now due to a delightful confluence of events and circumstances I am able to realize a life long dream of playing in the land of the great ones!

You Gigal exemplifies the open mindedness that is the hallmark of a true teacher; one who posits “Why not?

Egypt authorities announced Saturday that archaeologists had discovered two small ancient tombs in Luxor, a southern city. Egyptian officials hope the discovery will help the country's efforts to revive tourism.

Somehow deep earth held the properties that connected us to the stars!

But it's the first time to enter inside the two tombs," Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani said.

We have lost the wisdom of the stars, and how to access their energy patterns. You so right when you write: “research into our very distant past is the only way to recover this important knowledge – possibly our only way of surviving today! An advanced culture of humans whose understanding of science, engineering, archeology, cosmology, mathematics, etc.

And I feel that the research into our very distant past is the only way to recover this important knowledge – possibly our only way of surviving today! far surpasses what we know and even understand on many levels today.

I feel that I have memories of very ancient times, and I have always felt that the tunnels, not just in Egypt, but all over the world, hold the KEY to understanding our ancient past.

I do believe that in ancient times the earth was less dense & so were its inhabitants, making it possible to work our way deep within earth through the tunnels.

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