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When they get notice the factory is closing in a month and the owners are moving the equipment to a new location in Honduras, they are furious.

They thought the management had a responsibility to look out for their jobs.

The stability of the relationship comes from the extent to which those rights and responsibilities are balanced.He waits and waits and finally she calls to say she stopped at the mall on the way home and got distracted. Joe knows she has a right to spend her time the way she wants, but he thought she would be responsible to tell him if she wasn't coming right home.When she gets home and learns about his preparations she is upset with Joe.Some of this abuse arises out of confusion about the rights and responsibilities we give to others on our behalf.We may be expecting others to look out for us when they have no sense that they have a responsibility to do so.

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One way to balance rights and responsibilities in the relationship is to have everyone have the same ones. The term fiduciary is most often applied in matters of money, but the concept of a fiduciary is much broader and comes from the recognition that, from time to time, one person may be entrusted with the welfare of another.

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