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But not everyone was onboard with the couple’s decision to wed two decades ago.Newman says her mother received a lot of “flak” at the time for letting them get married. And 22 years later, Tommy, 59, and Maryanne, 45, say their relationship is stronger than ever.In it, she pointed out that although the doctors claim they’re killing Down syndrome babies to “prevent suffering”, those with Down’s have a very happy life and rank above average on personal fulfillment. Mancini quotes Sally Phillips, an actress famous for leading roles in several British sketch comedy shows and sitcoms who’s also the mother of a child with Down syndrome.

Once objective morality is gone, essentially might make right.

Newman set up a Facebook page for her sister and brother-in-law, and their love story has earned them thousands of fans all over the world.

The couple live independently in Essex with Maryanne’s mother living next door and her sister and her family just a few houses down.

The strong have more power to affirm their version of morality over the weak so their affirmations will overpower others’. Instead, affirming that these people who seem like “others” are really of the same dignity, we protect all from oppression.

Although a genetically perfect society at first seems utopian, we quickly realize it is dystopian because it loses acceptance for anything outside a very restrictive rule of perfection.

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Autism is estimated to be 60-90% genetic but doesn’t have a single genetic marker.

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