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Some elements were reported to be active near Danot, Nusdariiq and 'Adow.

Although they had support amongst the Ogaden, at the time their activities were not tolerated by the Isaaq and Dhulbahante clans.

The diplomatic row between Qatar and its Gulf Arab neighbors has now become a protracted stalemate. President Donald Trump’s outspoken support has proven insufficient to convince the international community that Qatar ought to be isolated and rendered a pariah or is a den for terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. The response from the Horn of Africa has been notably mixed.

Despite its diplomatic connections and petrodollar soaked influence, Saudi Arabia, the key conspirator in the regional posturing game, has so far gained precious little for their monumental decision to impose a debilitating economic blockade on Qatar. The Saudis appear particularly blindsided by Somalia’s decision to maintain its neutrality in the ongoing diplomatic crisis.

Mogadishu has refused to take sides, urging Gulf states to back Kuwaiti mediation efforts.

Somalia’s bold stance appears to be an unexpected setback for the Saudis.

For one, since his election last February, Somali President Mohammed Farmaajo has made two state visits to Riyadh.

This may have led the Saudis to assume that they had Somalia’s total obedience.

But apparently even an offer of million couldn’t woo Farmaajo into siding with the Saudis and publicly denouncing Qatar.

Qatar and Somalia enjoy a long fraternal relations and Mogadishu clearly values those ties.

Established local security forces cleared al-Itihaad infiltrators from the Jigjiga Zone, and the defeated remnants retreated to disputed border areas between the Somali and gala(oromo) regions, which has served as a refuge for them, as well as for Oromo fundamentalist rebel groups. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill who called al Barakat as one of the "financiers of terrorism".

The San Francisco Chronicle called al Barakat a Somali-based business conglomerate and money transfer organization. The 9/11 Commission Report subsequently cleared al Barakat of involvement in financing the 9/11 hijackers, The 9/11 Commission determined that the 9/11 hijackers received their remote funds transfers through US financial institutions, not Islamic financial institutions.

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By 1994, al-Itihaad had established itself in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.

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