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The plethora of new companies was difficult at first even for veterinarians – they had to have different scanners to read each chip. It is not as simple, though, as just receiving a certificate with your number anymore.

The new microchip companies want to provide extras – and, in turn, charge your more.

At American Service Dogs, there is a practice button, so I knew I would work up to this gradually. The basic command you use is “Touch.” Jared started me out on that, showing me how.

I had done this only in September, when I officially changed Rocky’s records from American Service Dogs over to my personal ownership. I figured I was merely looking in the wrong place on the website, so I called customer support.

When I reached the representative, I explained my dilemma. Rocky was transferred to a new owner in October.” I said, “What?

And that means switching my voice to a not-everyday high-pitched tone, to differentiate from the usual tone I use to give the commands.

Hence, “Barbie Doll.” And what have we been working on? Rocky is learning how to push a button to activate an automatic door, like the ones they have for handicapped access. I don’t always need one when I leave the house, but I never know when that may change, as my episodes can come upon me very quickly, leaving me either weak and unsteady, or unable to walk at all.

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Seconds later, there was Ripley, standing over her. But the clock went off again, and Ripley wouldn’t let it go. Then Ripley followed her to the kitchen, and wanted a treat. The alarm goes off, and if I am distracted, I don’t respond. If you moved, you called Avid and they updated your info.

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