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*RRP = manufacturer's / distributor's recommended retail price in Germany Mooer Radar Mooer Radar, speaker simulator effects pedal, 30 speaker cab model simulations, 11 mic preamp model simulations, 4 power amp model simulations, support of additional 3rd party impulse responses (IRs) via MOOER STUDIO software, customizable EQ, stores up to 36 user... We do not accept liability for typographical errors or inaccurate information of any kind.Stock Speakers Outside the chassis, Fender has used several different speakers in some Blues Junior models.

Speakers come in many varieties and with different characteristics - size, impedance, wattage, and magnet materials.The cream-colored board is laid out entirely differently (and better) than the green board. But the old ones sound darker, while the new ones are brighter, with more emphasis on treble tones.One is not necessarily better than the other; the dark tones are nice for blues and jazz, while the new amps do brighter tones better.Their tonal character and dynamic behavior is voiced by incorporating design and manufacturing elements typical of the Jensen Alnico speakers, thereby achieving specific organic response for the player.Jensen Loudspeakers provide the richest and most dynamic sound in the industry.

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Deciding which speaker to use can be a daunting decision; we simplify the process for you by providing accurate, easy-to-find information with sound samples for your style of music.

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