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By an uforseen chance of events, Mads becomes somewhat of a hero, but will he win the girl? girl's dad is kidnapped by men, who are interested in the Knights Templar treasure.

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Tvillingerne Emma og Tom flytter med deres mor ind i Elgens Øje, et gammelt spøgelseshus, som har stået tomt i årevis.

Snart opdager de, at huset gemmer på en værdifuld hemmelighed, en kostbar kæmpe-diamant, som to farlige forbrydere vil gøre alt for at få fat i.

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Dopo la morte del padre due gemelli, Emma e Tom, si trasferiscono con la madre Louise in una vecchia casa abbandonata, cadente e misteriosa.

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Have seen it several times over and it just gets better - a classic :) Now I just need to track down a version with English subtitles so that I can share it with my Scottish family...

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