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The only possible clew was guaniif^ which the poets did not invent, but found there to thd hand, in a language spoken by shepherds, and soldie and artizans. This, however, we regret the less, because the notes so teem with happy references and illustrations from modern literaturer-from Shakspeare and Milton to Stevenson and Phillips — ^that we are embarrassed by the amplitude of our material ; and even if we had far more room, we should have far too much to fill it. Roberts has a very keen eye and ear for literary beauty; and the treatise affords ample scope for the employ- ment of his wide and various knowledge of modern literature. There is, for example, a reference to the persecution in Inst. If « reader of verse saw before him a word like Trpoenm(\ov Ta, how was he to be directed to find the ictus without hesitai tion or stumbling, seeing that three consecutive syllables were capable of receiving it f And before the invention o writing, how were verses to be held firmly together, to b kept in shape ? But we refer here to this passage because we think it explains a subsequent comment in which the Editor's rendering does not seem quite satisfactory. 9 8€ivov yap Tro XXaxov ko L TO hvo TKfi Ooyyov wo TTcp at dvco/ta Xoi o Sot is translated, * yes, in many places harshness gives all the effect of vehemence, as though we were jolted on rough roads.' Might we render * harshness often is striking like wild, broken scenery ' ? If the language of Theopompus is forcible, the writer may fairly be described as forcible ; but the point of the passage is that, though the situation described is forcible {irpdyfiara ii iav Tiov iari Sctva), the Style of Theopompus is weak. 8 : ' excessive antithesis, already condemned in the case of Theopompus, is out of place even in Demosthenes, as in the following passage, ctc Xcis, cyw 8c c Tc Xov/Lwyv.' But the expression ov Se iv TOis Arjfioar Oev LKoi's ^/xoa€v demands the translation * is out of place in the Demosthenic passage too,' as is proved by the addition of €v6a, whereas the editor's version would imply that in some cases Demosthenes might claim indulgence for a fault unpardonable in Theopompus. We have dwelt so long on the fascinating theme of the exact reproduction of the thoughts of this very interesting and sugges- tive writer, that we have little space to detail other special excellences of this edition. The editor's services to the interpretation of his author are of equally fundamental importance, as our brief account of the introduction will have led the reader to expect ; but we must content ourselves with mere references to some of the more important passages, where new methods of construing are to be found, viz., 102. -H^ * I ^ HERMATHENA: A SERIES OF P.4PERS ON LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY. PAPERS OK LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY, JHembta of Erinitg eol Up, Biitlin.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. (Ltd.), LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO., 104, CKAFTON-STKEBT.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I **s- f f t p i- I HERMATHENA: A SERIES OF PAPERS ON LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY.

Hall ; The Scientific Writings of the late George Francis Fitz Gerald, Sc.

Macran's other emendations, we may refer the reader to 97.

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