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I found an excuse to get her alone, and I said...well, I said something from the movie.

That was the thing, all of the important words from the movie became triggers for certain behaviors.

I always thought of her as "asexual." I remember she told me once that she'd never even masturbated before she met me... When I first met her, as a 22-year old engineer fresh out of college and happy to land a job, Lydia was still asexual. Skin like milk; long, lustrous black hair (she kept it in a bun, but if you ever saw it down, you'd never forget it); perfectly-toned body, with long, beautiful legs that she always kept covered up in dull, sensible skirts; and breasts that...well, she always wore bulky, unflattering outfits, so it wasn't like we got a look at them or anything, but when I finally did, they were perfect. Thinking about reprogramming her brain, making her more the person I wanted her to be... Lydia was in charge of writing the "desk decoration" policy, and she made sure that she was allowed to display the little figurines, and pictures, and all the collectible stuff she was into.

Very prudish, totally uninterested in romance, just got along with her job and her life and didn't seem to even know sex existed. I'm not trying to justify it, or even apologize for it. And we talked--she shot me down that first day, sure, but like I said, I didn't let on how bad it bugged me, and I got to the point where we were on a first-name basis.

It was the one movie she was never going to get to see, no matter how much she wanted to. So when I walked over to her cubicle, and showed her a DVD case, and said, "Guess what this is? Until I told her, "It's a bootleg copy of..." Um, I better not mention that either.

Sorry, I swear it'll all make sense to you soon enough.

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I don't mean the 'forbidden fruit' angle, although that's probably part of it. The company was a cybernetics research firm, real cutting-edge stuff, and I was involved in some of the other end of it.

I wanted to try the triggers right then and there, but I also knew that she should probably see the movie a few more times, just to deepen the instructions.

She'd already been programmed to want to see the movie again, whenever she had free time.

So I suggested she stop by tomorrow, and she said sure, and then I went to the bathroom, and when I got out, she was gone and she'd taken the disc with her. She'll probably have watched it a few more times by the time I see her at work next.

I really didn't expect things to turn out the way they did.

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