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This, in turn, has lowered people's ability to compromise and tolerance of anything less than perfect is now non-existent.” Barbara Bloomfield, a counsellor at Relate relationship services,says she thinks people in today’s world are yearning for a deeper connection but “the speed of superficiality of modern dating can work against that”.

River says that because of the many people looking for casual relationships you have to be prepared for rejection.

Massage therapists say these are no-no zones that might just produce an "ouch" instead of an "ahhhh."__4.

Get creative with technique:__If your fingers are tiring out, use the lower portion of your hands (your palms, and the meaty area beneath your thumbs).

Don't forget his hands and feet: He may not ask for it, but believe us, he's hoping you won't ignore his feet and hands, and it's a great way to complete your rub down.

To start, weave your hand in his, and use your thumbs to knead the back of his palm and then stroke each finger with enough pressure so the muscles in his fingers get plenty of love.

The inside of your forearms make great massage tools.

“I think you have to have a thick skin and be prepared for rejection and to reject people - you're meeting someone based on their photos and their texting small talk (people have longer to compose and think through a message unlike in real life).” Despite the negative feelings some have towards dating apps and websites, there is no doubt that they are here to stay for the meantime.

Technology is ever evolving so these inventive ways of finding people to date are unlikely to diminish.

Invest in the right product: Bare hands and dry skin? Just like a massage therapist wouldn't attempt this at the spa, you're going to need a bottle of good lotion, but preferably an unscented massage oil (trust us, it's likely anything too scented or floral might turn him off).

You won't need a ton, but the secret to a great massage is lubrication, so keep the bottle handy. Go slow: Have your guy lie on his stomach first and use light, even pressure at first.

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