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Mairia, Oban, Argyll, United Kingdom." Reopening of open air municipal car park near prom Q."When will the open air car park near the funfair which was recently closed by the council be reopened?"is it possible to get a train or a bus from Alicante airport to Torrevieja and if so where are the stations located ? You can try to base yourself central to the agents you choose. One week isn't a long time to find a place, especially if you are going to live in it, you will need some good advice. :) Marilyn, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain." Football in Bars? "Now the football season is up and running, my other half is concerned that he'll miss out while we're on holiday in Torrevieja in September. Have a good trip, the weather is lovely here at the moment.

"Hi all, can anyone tell me if they are back to playing music in the beach bars at Punta Prima? The last I heard, the bars were actually shut down. However, if you like airport shops then Alicante is best.

"We are arriving at Alicante Airport next month, how much would it be to get an official taxi from outside the airport into Torrevieja please? Watch what the other people are doing and you’ll get the hang of it. Manda, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain." Where to buy cigarettes? "I used to buy cigs in the supermarkets when I was on holiday in Spain, but my neighbour told me you can't do that now??? You can spot the Tabacos shops by the brown coloured signs. Lorraine, Bedale, North Yorks, UK." Torrevieja 'May Fair' 2017 Q.

Is that true and if so, where do I get them these days? There are several in Torrevieja and the price is usually the same in all of them. "Where can we find the programme for this occasion - deferred from May 17 Mike, Los Montesinos, Alicante, SPAIN." A.

"Hi Mike, Here is the Programme: :) Wednesday, October 11, 2017 20: 30h Opening of the Sevillanas Fair Great fireworks display.

21: 30h Performance of the academy QK 22: 30h Group EMBRUJO of the House of Andalusia 23: 15h Performance by Rosa María Lujan, accompanied by guitar by Mercedes Lujan 00: 00h Closing with the Salve Rociera Thursday 12 October 2017 Performance of the Nueva Generación choir and the Azahar Group 21: 15h Performance of the municipal school of dance. 23: 00h Show Closure with the Salve Rociera Friday, October 13, 2017 h The Seville Rocieros 21: 15h Lola Morales and Arantxa Blanco. 23: 15h Tribute to the Sevillanas 00: 30h Closing with the Salve Rociera Saturday 14 October 2017 13: 00h Celebration in the Church 13: 45h Passage to the fairground accompanied by horsemen, choirs etc. 22: 15h Closing of the Sevillanas Fair 23: 00h Flamenco group Pura Sangre.

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