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I’ve never been sent interview questions in advance and asked a few friends who have also never had this experience.

Is this a standard practice I just haven’t come across?

I am planning on leaving the company in the next month and I am considering if I decline an exit interview altogether, given this policy.

I’d like to help the company; it is a nonprofit that does some good work, while also struggling to meet the needs of employees.

But the store should give you all some guidance about how to handle customers who complain about smaller-sized women working there, even if it’s just to say that you all love fashion, regardless of size.

(They should have better messaging than I do, but I’d imagine it would be something along those lines.) 2.

The people in this group tend to place enormous emphasis on character references and less on evidence of work skills.

My hunch is that the comments stem from the camaraderie and relief of shopping somewhere that actually caters to them, unlike a lot of other stores that ignore the fact that people come in a range of sizes.

I don’t know that there’s anything she or the store could do to stop that without making customers feel unwelcome; it sounds like it may come with the territory, unfortunately.

He knows the hiring manager’s lawn guy, and the lawn guy has offered to give the manager my friend’s resume instead of my friend applying online. Should my friend take the lawn guy up on his offer?

Does he just cut his lawn, or is the relationship deeper than that?

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What do you think about this approach to exit interviews? I would have no problem is a report was complied in HR and used there and by upper management, but the report is emailed to all staff.

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