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Janet even turned out to be better than he thought, but by the time he figured that out, it was already too late.

He should have thought of background checking as a sort of insurance policy: you never know when you’ll need it, but it’s great to have in your back pocket when you don’t know what your next move should be.

Instead, he sided with “mystery,” embarrassing himself in the process. Get all the facts before you meet Janet or any other person you’d like to get to know better.

Who knows, you may actually find that you’re more alike than you think. Right could be part owner of your favorite baseball team.

Ted ends up visiting Robin and cheating on Victoria.

Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message. While you may still be sowing your wild oats just as the rest of the How I Met Your Mother characters seems to be settling down, let us not forget Barnacle’s sacred advice.As the series finale on March 31 is quickly approaching, many wonder whether their copies of The Bro Code will still be relevant. Maybe you’ll even find yourself in 2030 saying, “Kids, when I was younger I grew up watching Barney the purple dinosaur and his friends. M.”- While this is also an episode title in the first season of How I Met Your Mother, it’s a pivotal moment when Ted learns a valuable lesson in a roundabout way.At Been Verified, we know a ton of you are finding that special someone online.Whether you’re using specialized services like or you’re using popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter, we’re pretty sure finding the guy or gal of your dreams has gotten a little easier thanks to the social Web. For example, in a recent episode of How I Met Your Mother, main character Ted goes on a date with a mystery woman named Janet without doing any preliminary online research.

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