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“There are a lot of songs about light in the U2 repertoire.

It’s an image of faith and obviously people having near-death experiences describe seeing a bright light.

“The history of this band is precious and we realise we mustn’t break up, mustn’t die and that the legacy of what we do should continue.” In Bono’s notes, he talks of being dared by his friend, the poet Brendan Kennelly “to write as if you’re dead.” Mortality is on his mind when he says of the new songs: “A lot of them I approached with the sense that I might not be around to hear them on the radio or in the stream of things. I’d thought a lot about not being around so I made these songs love letters.” There are affectionate “letters” to Bono’s wife and love of his life Ali called You’re The Best Thing About Me and Landlady. like your pain.” The Little Things That Give You Away, pointed and self-deprecating, speaks of “the words you cannot say, your big mouth in the way” and is the singer’s letter to himself.

But Songs Of Experience provides us with a genuine reason to fall in love again with four chancers (Bono’s word not mine) from Dublin who made it big. “There’s been an attempt to look back at our position, which is rarefied in many ways, but there’s also humanity in our shared experience. “At 57, you view the time ahead of you differently to the time behind you.” The last word is with Bono, who writes: “I wanted to dive naked into these Songs Of Experience, not just skinny dipping with the ones I love, I wanted to take my skin off.” Being constantly in the spotlight has made U2 easy targets. In the past week, I’ve spoken to two of Bono’s brothers in arms, guitarist The Edge, on the phone from LA, and bassist Adam Clayton, in a quiet corner of a pub in London’s Maida Vale.They’re thrilled with the new album, which I believe is U2’s best since the turn of the millennium, but acknowledge the recent stress on their frontman.

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The infectious Get Out Of Your Own Way, certain to become a live anthem, is filled with a besotted dad’s hopes and fears for his daughters Eve and Jordan, complete with a coda directed at himself including this startling line . “We give birth to these songs but it’s our audience who give life and meaning to them,” he decides.

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