How to overcome an intimidating boss

Fergus lives with his his adult daughter (Jane), who drives him to work and back home.She picks him up on her lunch break every day, but sometimes Fergus is too sick or tired to even be roused by Jane.Your coworker sounds like she’s gone off the deep end with her crusade, but it’s true that it’s mildly rude to leave your stuff on the counter of a shared kitchen since other people might want to use the space for preparing food. I want my coworker to stop touching my neck I’m friendly with a lot of my coworkers, though I generally don’t see them outside of work other than at company-sponsored events.I have one coworker who’s a married man in his late 40s/early 50s (I’m a 30-year-old woman, also married) who I have friendly, joke-y kind of relationship with, but it’s always been professional between us.Now I feel like my relationship with my supervisor has taken a hit and I honestly feel a little terrorized.I’d like to speak with my supervisor to set the record straight, but I’m genuinely afraid that doing so will have negative repercussions for my job.As a human person, I am filled with compassion for Fergus and my heart breaks to witness his suffering, as well as the financial strain this puts on his family.

(I don’t know why Jane doesn’t always call, but she isn’t my employee so I don’t think it would be appropriate to make her part of my solution.)What is my best move here?But as a manager who is unlikely to be rich any time soon, I am frustrated by his inability to notify me when he will be out and embarrassed when I don’t know when or if he’ll be coming in.I don’t want to be the monster who fires a sickly old grandpa.We stop to chat with one another once a day or so, tend to joke around a lot, and sometimes will run out for coffee together once every couple of weeks.Lately, he’s developed a habit of walking up to me and grabbing me firmly by the back of the neck.

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