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Suddenly, here was an entire generation crying out for an evolved version of the things they were consuming as children.This demographic is now well and truly serviced in all facets of entertainment and the first and second childhoods have merged into a mainstream phenomenon," said Pegg.There's oodles of money in being the website equivalent of Spike TV--even IGN's corporate site emphasizes how much their product appeals to (presumably young) men.fame) recently came under fire for commenting that our modern fixation with superheroes, sci-fi, and genre films is a result of people being infantilized by their own tastes.

When compared to those -style stereotypes of the '80s and earlier, the differences are pretty stark: Hardwick wears no Coke-bottle glasses, pocket protectors, or orthodontia, nor does he exhibit any strange mannerisms or fixations that peg him as a social outcast--at least, not in public.

Ad copy for Loot Crate, a subscription service that sends a box of popular-IP-branded goodies to your door every month, begins with "Are you a nerd, geek, or gamer?

" What they should really be asking is "Are you a male, ages 18-40, with disposable income?

The fanatical fan of the past is now just one of untold millions who enjoys what might be the most popular media franchise in the world.

That's not to say the word "nerd" has lost all meaning, though.

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The guide states: ‘Some ceremonies include a blindfolded, naked participant, whose hands may be bound.

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