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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, BC – Love makes us easy targets it would appear.Valentine’s Day is this month and that means online scammers will be doing everything they can to steal money from the lovelorn.These cases are creating concerns for personal safety.For example, in one incident the victim reported having her wallet and some jewellery stolen from home.

Some incidents have also occurred at the local level and involved the victims actually meeting the suspects to go out on dates and meeting at the victim residence.

Sadly, that is just what is reported to us and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

The real losses are likely much more than that.” Catphishing is when an honest individual builds an online relationship with scammer through an Internet dating service or social media.

This scam has also lead to incidents of suicide in cases where victims have lost their life saving and have been emotionally destroyed.

These scams have proliferated with the increase use of social media – social networking sites and dating sites.

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“Many people won’t report the loss because they feel ashamed.” BBB offers these tips for spotting a catphisher: • The scammer is quick to request email and or phone number, or offer theirs in order to get the victim out of the dating site.• They claim to be using a relative’s account so they can’t access it and need to use regular email.• The ‘relationship’ moves fast; the scammer wants to earn your trust quickly.• Look for poor grammar and odd responses.• Look for very generic interests on the scammer’s profile with nothing specific cited, or very little information given.• There is always a reason you cannot meet in person; usually, they are out of the country.• Often they claim to be involved in a sudden ‘accident’ and need financial help.• If they ask for money you should walk away.• Don’t put too much personal information on your profile.• Do a Google search on a potential mate; do a reverse image search to see if their profile picture shows up anywhere else online.

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