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He won over every fan in the building before throwing a single blow.If you don't think that's a big advantage in a fight, then you're crazy.

Though obviously secondary to, you know, the fight, a good entrance energizes the fighter and his team, whips the crowd into a frenzy and maybe even psyches out the enemy. The guy up in row double-Z can't see your menacing scowl (and neither can your opponent, for that matter), but they can darn sure hear your anthem. Clearly, music is completely subjective at the end of the day. However, that doesn't mean the loudest song is always the best.Great UFC entrance songs do intimidate, though, as well as offer some kind of a window into a fighter's personality or style.Ideally, they should also be original, because then it's a signature song, and not just some regurgitation of the warmed-over leftovers from some T-shirt cannon TV timeout.French Montana starts looking pretty good, despite inching no closer to Eminem’s title at his peak.Love is pain, and also blind, so sometimes these fans lose faith in the object of their admiration in the first place.

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The next class of song is "swagger." These pump-up songs all have pride-centered lyrics that build up confidence. This music is exactly what it sounds like; what you listen to before a fight.

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