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Today, more women than men are pursuing higher education in Iran even though the Islamic Republic tries to limit women to domains exclusive to women.

For example, the government has set quotas for female pediatricians and gynecologists and has made it difficult for women to become civil engineers.

Reza Shah also began his controversial policy of Kashf-e-Hijab, which banned the wearing of the Islamic hijab in public.

His election brought a period during which women became increasingly bold in expressing ideas, demands, and criticisms.

Dramatic changes in the labor force might not have been possible if Khomeini had not broken the barriers to women entering into the public sphere unchaperoned.

Women were also more likely to pursue higher education, a product of the free education and the literacy campaigns.

The chador is a highly modest, usually black or dark outfit that covers the top of a woman’s head and loosely covers her body to her feet.

The roopoosh or manteau is a long top similar to a trench coat.

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Many upper-class homes in Iran have a reception room where na-mahram guests are received and entertained.

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