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Galicia was later influenced by the Bell Beaker culture.

Its rich mineral deposits of tin and gold led to the development of Bronze Age metallurgy, and to the commerce of bronze and gold items all along the Atlantic coast of Western Europe.

There are smaller populations around the interior cities of Lugo and Ourense.

It had a population of 2,718,525 in 2016 including its offshore islands and islets, among them Cíes Islands, Ons, Sálvora, Cortegada, and—the largest and most populated—A Illa de Arousa.Thousands of Megalithic tumuli are distributed throughout the country, but mostly along the coastal areas.Within each tumulus is a stone burial chamber known locally as anta (dolmen), frequently preceded by a corridor.The Romans applied their name to all the other tribes in the northwest who spoke the same language and lived the same life.The etymology of the name has been studied since the 7th century by authors such as Isidore of Seville, who wrote that "Galicians are called so, because of their fair skin, as the Gauls", relating the name to the Greek word for milk.

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With the exception of shipbuilding and food processing, Galicia was based on a farming and fishing economy until after the mid-20th century, when it began to industrialize.

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