Is gigi dating frankie39s friend

While 22-year-old Nick has since moved on with girlfriend of one year Olivia Culpo, also 22, and the model went on to date Australian singer Cody Simpson for around 12 months until recently parting ways, that doesn't make matters any better.

As the Mail Online reported last week, the stunning 19-year-old Sports Illustrated model actually dated Joe's younger brother Nick Jonas on and off in 20, which could certainly complicate matters between the close siblings.Still, they only speak kindly of one another and truly seemed head over heels when they were together until their breakup in May 2015.Hadid and Simpson had a slight age difference—Simpson was 16 to her 18 when they dated, which could throw some side-eye on the couple because of the potential legal issues that could arise."I was always kinda told that when I was becoming a model, don't live with a model because you get competitive," she begins."But I don't really find that I get competitive with my friends, especially with someone like Kendall..look nothing alike.So someone that's gonna want a Kendall is not gonna want a Gigi." And if someone doesn't want a Gigi, that's their problem.

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