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(And don’t get me started on the people who get engaged within three to six months of dating…) Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying the rush is bad. Up until this point, everything has been smooth sailing where the harshest disagreement you’ve had is “who is more schmoopy”.And then one of you says something wrong over take out Pad-Thai and suddenly there’s yelling and there’s crying and with which you fight also isn’t automatically an indication of a problem at the core of your relationship; some couples tend to be incredibly passionate and fights may result from those passions colliding.Don’t let the anger blind you to the care and affection and trust you have for your partner…

However: don’t mistake strong boundaries with “being an asshole”.

But more often than not, the people who’re terrified of being trapped by a master manipulator are more afraid of the of the manipulative partner than the reality.

Many times when you scratch deep enough, that fear of being “trapped” by a gold-digger or a woman trying to lock you into a relationship via kids is more about how they feel about women as a And more to the point: the way you avoid manipulators and users is simple. It can sound weird to talk about boundaries in the context of a long-term – or even a short-term- relationship.

"The Truth About Angels" is a very powerful film for its themes and for the way that it is shot.

It is a disturbing glimpse into the lives of elite youths in Los Angeles, and sheds considerable psychological insights into their characters.

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