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I first saw this shot in a magazine decades ago, and just recently came across it in another forum.

At a guess, it looks like it's from a mid 1970's softcore production.

I've been banging on the door for over four years and I'm still out here freezing off my butt. Of course, at the time I didn't recognize any of the films from which the images were taken, but I'm surprised that after four decades of avidly following GIMP cinema, I still can't identify the examples posted here. Aside from the unknown frames in the SIM book, does anyone else have GIMP-oriented movie stills from films they can't identify?

After reading various re-interpretations of the question, I'm still not sure I'm on the right track, but I did grok a few more plausible alternatives…We all know of legendary titles which have vanished, but what about those from which only a tantalizing promo shot remains?No title; no identifiable talent; no way to track it down – but clearly some implied GIMP action.I guess because they let her stay dressed, there wasn't much exposed skin left to use. And despite all the build-up and sophisticated hardware, the electro torture lasts a little over ten seconds in a seven minute clip that doesn't have much else to offer other than a lot of shouting, shaking and mild slapping around. but they had to devise that because of the lack of a "cultural background" to the game rules, that intends to be universal) That's why I put the stress on the victim.What sells the scene is Blanca's looks and acting, but beyond that, it's just, well… Except for some very particular cases, the victim of the "A-team" is also a "player" (a spy, assassin, mafia-girl, whatever), and knows that her activities entail the risk of being captured and put to torture.

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But on the plus side she is a total babe, and her performance is credible.

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