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Schools have also been constructed and equipped under the grant–funded Support for Basic Education Programme.

Private donations have poured in, benefiting from 100% tax relief under the 100% Support for Education Campaign. A fifth of primary school students are still studying in classes of 50 or more.

Children studying in such unfavourable circumstances often dropped out or were unsuccessful.

In villages like in order to complete their primary education — the school bus continued to leave without a single girl on board.

The village of to appear large as life in the old school yard.

Agreement was reached whereby the provinces of , which were chosen for the initial implementation upon a proposal from the Directorate General of Provincial Administrations of the MOI, would match the donations by allocating an equal amount of public funds for the same purpose.

Yet ironically, the progress made by the girls’ education campaign only exacerbated the deficit of physical facilities.

Moreover, overcrowded school facilities provided families, community leaders and officials still unconvinced about the benefits of girls’ education with a powerful excuse for keeping girls at home.

In many parts of the country, communities saw no point in girls attending school, given the limited roles envisaged for women in traditional society.

Many conservative families were also unwilling to educate their daughters, particularly beyond the age of about 11, because they did not want them to mix with boys and men at school or en route.

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