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Recent data found that over 13 percent of people got engaged to someone they met on an app, and most people have never had a one-night stand from an app, proving that meeting someone on an app that you share a meaningful connection with is more than possible.But in an age of swiping left and right, finding a strong connection via app or website can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why it’s important to join sites that align with your values.And if you’re using Meet Mindful, it’s unlikely that any of your conversations will be surface level.“Meet Mindful members are guided through a questionnaire about their passions, what’s new and good in their life, and how they strive to live mindfully,” explains Meet Mindful founder and CEO Amy Baglan.“They even have a space to talk about what imperfections they are working to embrace, which invites a rarely-seen, but much-needed, level of vulnerability.” There’s a reason happiness experts are constantly reminding us that texting does not make for true human connection.” or “I’m looking for a new volunteer opportunity, do you have any suggestions?” That way, you’ll immediately have a conversation topic that will keep things going.And don’t even think about reaching for your credit card because you won’t need it!We do NOT connect with your Facebook friends or share your email address.

There’s no question that digital dating is having a major moment.

As well as you may think you understand someone from a text conversation, you can gather a lot more information through inflection and tone of voice.

While talking on the phone may be nerve-wracking, it’s a great way to get an even better sense of the person you’re considering going on a first date with.

Whether you’re into the metaphysical, healing crystals, veganism, or saving the environment, these are the nine top spiritual dating websites for you — that also won’t break the bank.

Match.com, while not strictly for spiritual singles, has more users and is more reputable than any other dating site.

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As a new year approaches, many of us are setting new goals surrounding dating and relationships—whether it’s finding a lifelong partner or dating in a more mindful way.

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