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Has he been removed, as a version I downloaded didn’t have him in it.Could it be that I have a version created in a time when you hadn’t added him?Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. Bugfixes: - Fixed duplication exploits - Fixed duplication bugs - Fixed duplications of crafting in the crafting station and no you can't do it anymore!The tools never disappear and can be named and changed to your heart's desire. Any world generation included in the mod is more efficient, but not required to progress. Becoming a patron keeps off of the download links and goes towards hosting or development of the mod. - Fixed reinforced tooltip - Standardized speed tooltips - Fixed compressed cobblestone melting values - Custom NPCs should not drop yellow hearts 100% of the time now - Tools should work properly with attributes now (Exo-armor, spiked gloves, etc) - Added a drawbridge blacklist 1.5.4 New Content: - Armor Gui accessories redone - Yellow hearts will drop from bosses - Tasty now drops bacon every so often - Added a creative-mode way to get tools - Added a third extra modifier for tools Changes: - Battlesigns have the writable trait - Battlesigns now have the "Damage Reflector" ability - Scythes with silk touch function as shears - A config setting has been added to make vanilla tools have only one use Bugfixes: - Knapsacks should sync properly on load - The tool station gui now shows speed properly - Slimegrass will no longer grow under other slimegrass 1.5.3 - Added a crafting recipe for the exo-suit, config value disabled by default.

It's quite buggy, off by default - Tool parts are meltable - SDX, the mining explosive - Wooden rails - Stone ladders Changes: - Wooden patterns can be used as furnace fuel - Repair modifier reworked - Wooden armor has recipes - Slime islands should be transparent now - AE support for multiblocks Bugfixes: - Fix ore Dict recipes regarding stone torches - Updated battlegear support - Added a warning message to crashlogs regarding Greg Tech or Opti Fine - (We don't support these mods in any way) 1.4.6 - Updated to 1.6.4 - Fixed a crash when a drawbridge is placed in another drawbridge's camo slot. New Content: - Armor pulled from experimental version - Tool Forges can name every item provided they do not have a name. Modules can be disabled, but this process is not yet finished.- The Crafting Station is now somewhat sensitive to blocks around it.Metallurgy is supported through an addon - check the downloads section. Likewise, not updating because other mods haven't updated does not mean we have to support you.There is specific compatibility built in for Minefactory Reloaded, Waila, Forge Multipart, and a few others. A: Multi Mine prevents the broad area on Tier 2 tools from working. Opti Fine and any bukkit envrionment (MCPC , Bukkit Forge) aren't supported either. It's unfair to ask us to fix bugs that have already been fixed in later versions of Minecraft.

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