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Horsepower ratings dropped after the Society of Automotive Engineers implemented a new power measurement system for vehicle engines, Toyota engines rated on 87 octane dropped the most, compared to the same engines used by Lexus rated on 91 octane. It is very important to the life of these engines that oil changes are done on a regular basis.

It has bucket tappets and was designed for good fuel economy without an overall performance trade-off. This engine is also prone to head gasket failure and cracks in the aluminum heads that caused overheating issues and cost several thousand dollars to repair.

I called my ex- girl friend over to comfort me and the rest is history.

The story behind girl come over is I was setting at home alone and needed some company to share a candle light dinner with.

Below I will share my perspective and experiences with the platform simply to provide insight to those who want it.

If you want to know why I wrote this before reading, feel free to skip to the why.

There was no social media back then [as you currently experience it] but there were other ways to find and engage with the music community.

These communities were excellent places to make friends, share music, and collaborate with others.

Unfortunately, Rapmusic is the only one that still exists. There was this other [developing] platform known as Reverb Nation.

How you feel about about the single verses the album…

A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax: GETTING TO KNOW CAM 24/7 by Jacqueline Jax host of A. A Live Radio I got my start in music by singing in the church choir. strong positive love songs that have real life meaning. It’s a lot of rap and hip hop not that very much r&b music around.

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