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One of the first things you should keep in mind when you travel is, leave your girl friend behind, there are so many beautiful ladies around.move down the catwalk with a twist, turn the body and hope someone will find this attractive and invest in some flower garlands its just a few dollars, do something good for them and for yourself and everyone will be happy.Their values and culture roots are still very local and this is for sure an positive asset, but the point is everyone want going shopping, imagine all this pretty shoes, handbags, dresses, stylish hair, cosmetics and so on, that's one of the reason for working in the evening.

rush down to the pickup after the show where the driver is already waiting to rush to the next run, there are around 7 stage runs per night, sometimes more sometimes less and in between some quick food is taken.It needs to say this is for about 90% a domestic business the few foreigners count not much in relation, it' not like in Thailand.are usually real attractive, have a look at the model photos and pics below and the elsewhere in our website.They are somehow semi professional and all over 20 they will never reach "Vogue" but it brings some quick cash every evening when rushing through the nightlife scene, from one bar to a restaurant and so on, doing their run for about 20 minutes and move on.Sometimes a closer encounter with one of the guys is fixed for some later extensions.

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