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The objective of the marketing holding company and its subsidiaries is to vitalize the marketing and supply of agricultural and livestock products through advanced expertise and efficient product distribution.

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Recent international agreements have affected South Korean agriculture and by extension the effectiveness of the NACF.

These include the European Union–South Korea Free Trade Agreement, implemented in July 2011, and the Free trade agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of Korea, which took effect on 15 March 2012.

However, whereas member farmers are defined as the genuine owners or stakeholders, associate members can only obtain limited access to or influence over the cooperative.They, in turn, fund the NACF through institutional subscriptions.Cooperatives are governed by directly elected presidents, who, in turn, elect a chairman of the federation.The NACF provides marketing support for the production, distribution, processing, and consumption of agricultural and livestock products, focusing particularly on increasing the income of farming households by expanding sales channels and reducing farming costs.This enables farmers to concentrate their efforts on farming.

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