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Succumbing to the fantasy that the new relationship will be free of conflict or other emotional difficulties can be a setup for another failed relationship.

We tend to repeat patterns over and over until we come to understand ourselves.

Meeting someone you respect, are attracted to, who genuinely cares about you, shares your values and at least a few interests, and with whom you can work through conflicts can be a catalyst for not only a great and lasting new relationship with a new person, but with yourself as well.

For example, if, prior to entering your primary relationship, you had the unconscious belief that you were unlovable, or didn’t deserve to be loved, you may have ended up with someone who couldn’t really give you love.

The question of whether the new relationship will succeed relates to what function it is playing in your relationship with your current partner.

If you have the kind of primary relationship where you initially experienced a significant amount of time where you were mutually in love and satisfied with the relationship and then grew apart because of life stresses or conflict and you entered the affair to experience being in love again, this does not bode well for the long term success of the affair relationship.

I came across an interesting statistic recently; 25% of relationships that start as affairs succeed.

Another reason why many affair relationships fail is that it is difficult to deeply trust someone who has started the relationship by being unfaithful and deceitful with someone else.New lovers vary on how willing and able they are to cope with your grief over losing your partner.You may stuff these feelings in order to maintain the new relationship, only to discover down the line that you have many unresolved feelings about your partner that are interfering in your new relationship.Of course you should not make your decisions based on what others would think or feel.But it is important to honestly assess your affair and think about whether this relationship could stand this kind of stress.

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Can the two of you exist in a relatively socially isolated situation for some time?

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