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I go to Cuba soon and I do not want you be bored when I am absent!

So I posted 4 new galleries from Ibiza to keep you busy!

other things (and clothes start coming off), the camera suddenly decides to look elsewhere.My dear friends, i am happy to present you my new photographer from Germany. So I posted 4 new galleries from Ibiza to keep you busy!Together with him we made really magical pictures Hope that you will also love them as i do. Here you can see that we were inspired by moon, dreams and gods of ancient Rome. 🙂 I am leaving for some time to check out new places and make new interesting and surprising photos and videos for you!!! 🙂 See them here: Gallery 1 – Gallery 2 – Gallery 3 – Gallery 4 Hi my Dear Friends!The sleeveless sheath dress, now ubiquitous on cable and local news, and especially beloved by morning news programs, is as much a uniform for TV newswomen as androgyny was in the mid-’90s, when boxy blazers and short hair reigned.Only seven years ago, when Katie Couric took over the , critics worried whether she might be scandalizing the nation by showing too much leg. They’ve been joined by bare arms and dresses so form-fitting that Couric has said many of her colleagues look like they’re going “clubbing.” The seriousness of the news (OK, seriousness ) has been completely decoupled from the seriousness of the attire of the women presenting it.

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