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Maximum entropy and power spectrum analyses of geomagnetic data: emphasis on the 200 year period; J. and Liritzis, Y., (1985) U-disequilibrium in Greek archaeological clays and pottery by gamma-spectrometry: effects on TL dating; P. (1989) Experiments on ESR dating of Quaternary bones and calcites.

Palaeointensity and thermoluminescence measurements on Cretan kilns from 1300 to 2000BC; Nature, 283, 54-55. An indication of universal linear variation of K2O with β-dose rates in ceramics; J. Variations in β-particle dose attenuation of some Hellenic ceramics; Nuclear Tracks and Detectors, 10, 667-672. Liritzis Y., (1986) The significance of gamma-self-dose and β ranges in ceramics revisited; Revue d' Archaeometrie, 10, 95-102. Latitude dependence auroral frequency in relation to solar-terrestrial and interplanetary parameters. Science of Total Environment, Amsterdam, 70, 41-54.

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