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Ellen: Dating today is totally different than it was when we wrote mysterious much more difficult.Women in 2013 are virtually transparent and accessible to men 24/7. When a woman texts a man she’s dating non-stop all day long or writes some variation of “happy Monday morning, handsome!A guy will lose interest if he hears from you too frequently.He may start hitting the “ignore” button when you call. Far from being annoyed or insulted by it, men love being given a little silence and space, because they are not nearly as verbal as women.We are telling those women to pull back and use a little restraint so that guys who were initially interested in them will be forced to ask them out because they can’t get everything they need to know about someone electronically (i.e., via endless status updates).Given this new dating landscape, what “Rules” have been amended or added in this most recent version of your book?So after being exposed to so many emails, texts, status updates, tweets and wall posts, “the hot woman” a man initially checked out online is suddenly not quite so hot anymore… Ellen: We teach women the new secrets to dating successfully: how to seem mysterious and busy in an era of texting, Facebook, Skype, IMs, Face Time and Twitter.It’s empowering to be busy and have a full life and not make a man the focus of your whole life, to not drop your friends, family and hobbies for a very last-minute date, or turn yourself into a nervous wreck by texting a man all day long just to make sure that he still likes you.

We say: take a break from exactly — a break from possibly having a boyfriend on your birthday and New Year’s Eve?

Some critics say that your advice is old-fashioned and disempowering to women. Sherrie: Our clients and readers are doctors, lawyers, CEOs and MBAs, but they are losing their “specialness” by being too transparent online.

They are giving away some of their power and mystery by being available 24/7 in every facet of technology.

Now that technology plays such a strong role in our dating lives, what’s the biggest mistake single women make today?

Sherrie: Over-sharing, texting back in mere seconds, double-texting on accident, accepting booty calls, not ending chats, calls, or Skype sessions first — as in, letting them go on for hours — or just being too available to men in general.

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  1. I was reading this article at TMZ, in it good old Ray J said and I quote “I’m over sex tapes”, this coming from the man that got in the spotlight in the best way possible, now isn’t that a bit rich?

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