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was brought up in Kilburn, north London, where he was a neighbour of Screaming Lord Sutch.

Both the Dale and Sutch families later moved to Harrow in Middlesex and the two became good friends.

Speaking to Colin is now prepared to admit that the ship was just used for publicity. Radio Sutch actually launched in May 1964 from Shivering Sands anti-aircraft fort in the Thames estuary. And, to be honest, I could make more money elsewhere.” That was the end of Colin's radio career.

Although built during the Second World War, Shivering Sands had been occupied by the armed forces for some years after the war had ended and Colin remembers it was still in good condition in 1964. Since then he has been self-employed, working in a number of different fields but mainly hotels and antique dealing. In recent years Colin has made television appearances on Bargain Hunt, Dickinson's Real Deals and faced Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link.

They suggested he should apply for a job on the ship.

Although concerned that the station only had a short time left before the legislation, Ian was persuaded and he joined Radio London on 18th June 1967.

He was involved in a failed bid for the Belfast commercial radio franchise, which went instead to Downtown Radio.

He later moved to Dublin and operated the very successful Sunshine Radio until government legislation closed it at the end of 1988.

Gerry suggested that he should audition for the station which resulted in Robbie joining Caroline South in April 1966.He now owns a holiday complex in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.Robbie writes about his memories of joining Caroline here and you can see more pictures of him here, here and here.When Sutch started planning his radio station, it was natural that he should ask his old friend to get involved and Colin agreed.He was there on day one as the DJs posed for press photographers on the trawler Cornucopia.

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