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Using these tools will empower you and enable you to respond without using anger yourself.

When you’re in struggling relationships, especially with emotionally unavailable men (Mr Unavailables) and assclowns, something your are likely to experience is passive aggression.

You will be confused by this because you may actually feel dominated and controlled by them.A passive-aggressive response in that situation might involve taking so long to get ready that the party is nearly over by the time they arrive.” Now I receive quite a few emails that describe the guy as passive aggressive but actually, in struggling relationships that drag on, this is behaviour that Here is a common situation where he exhibits passive aggressive behaviour: Many men in these situations actions contradict their words.The women who engage in relationships with them have intense discussions about the relationship, telling them what they want/think/and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.Does the person: Passive aggressiveness is the opposite of making sure you mean what you say.Jesus told us to make our yes’ and no’s clear (Matthew ).

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Give time limits for what you need and have a backup plan if the person doesn’t follow through.

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