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Online dating just makes it all to easy to be reckless in ways that I never would be with a woman I met through friends, work, or family.

I unintentionally hurt women that I don't want to hurt. I want to be a good person, but my actions sometimes say otherwise.

Years ago I would have killed to have even one option, let alone unlimited options. The time when I appreciated women for both their perfections and imperfections is long gone. Perhaps in a more rational world, all of society would have the fun I'm having, and married, monogamous people, would be considered the freaks.

Online dating gave me a medium to practice and harness my skills with women behind a computer screen that I never would have had elsewhere. How could I crave a girlfriend, when every time I go on a date, I know I have a minimum of twenty five messages waiting for me on my phone? In a world of unlimited options, there is no longer room for imperfection. While marriage is great for some people, I'm not sure marriage and kids can ever keep me from feeling as if I am coasting through a life of monotony, living exactly how society dictates I should be living.

The epidemic of serial daters is a natural evolution to online dating. How could any single man or woman measure up to another person’s standards when there are several hundred more available singles just one click away.

Placing a single man or woman into a landscape of unlimited options is like unleashing a kid into a candy store without adult supervision. This is a world where women who are 4’11 refuse to engage with men who are anything less than six feet tall.

A landscape where men can differentiate between wanting a woman who is curvy, a few extra pounds, or thick.

A place where if the first thick girl isn’t the right amount of thick, there are seventy more variations of thick a few clicks away.

As I went out with beautiful women night after night, almost no woman ever made it past the first few dates.

—–It seems like just yesterday that I was nothing more than a serial dating machine.

Day after day my inbox would fill up with more emails then I could possibly respond to.

Don’t get me wrong, having options is a good thing.

Back when I was still single, I often used to daydream how scary being single must have been prior to online dating, never knowing when the next opportunity to meet someone would arrive.

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