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This answer may be simpler than the one marked as answer, but it has some limitations.Image you want to do some kind of check in the set-function of the bound property (checking if the input is valid).We use the default Update Source Trigger (Lost Focus for Text Box), and then add an Input Binding to the Enter Key, bound to a command.The xaml is as follows Private Function Can Execute Update Text1(By Val param As Object) As Boolean Return True End Function Private Sub Execute Update Text1(By Val param As Object) If Type Of param Is String Then Txt1 = CType(param, String) End If End Sub // Get the correct binding expression based on type of binding //(simple binding or multi binding.Our portfolio covers a wide scope of the enterprise security architecture, which provides a holistic security position.Our mission is to always be Technology-Driven and Vendor-Free in our thinking, to provide the most agile and strong solutions to our customers necessary to archive their security goals.

Here is an approach that to me seems quite straightforward, and easier that adding an Attached Behaviour (which is also a valid solution).Added an additional null check on sender, a check on Key. I've made edits to the answer that's awaiting peer review.In WPF/Silverlight you should never use inheritance - it messes styles and is not as flexible as Attached Behaviors.1 This also allows you to leave alone Update Source Trigger in case you have already painstakingly got your Text Box bindings to already behave the way you want (with styles, validation, twoway, etc.), but currently just won't receive input after pressing Enter.This is the cleanest approach that I've found, and in my opinion should be marked as the answer. Clear Focus() to remove focus from the Text Box after updating the source property.

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