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So don’t be surprised if you’re a bit clumsy in your movements. A number of other physical changes come with puberty.

Sorry if anyone feels cheated but real life does have to come first.And the fact that your appearance is changing so dramatically doesn’t help! Now some were actually attractive, and the idea of falling in love wasn’t such a bad thing after all.In fact, ‘who likes whom’ became a popular topic of conversation.” While going through puberty, some young people find themselves attracted to members of the same sex. Aimed at girls aged 8 to 12, it used a conversational tone and relatable illustrations to talk girls through everything from basic hygiene to the more pubic side of puberty.Girls kept copies of the book close at hand, on bookshelves or in secret hiding places, to return to for continued consultation.

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"Allowing boys to anticipate what it’s going to feel like allows them to take control over those feelings when it happens so that they can then make better decisions."Parents can get many things wrong when having puberty talks with kids, and a good guide can be an invaluable resource, whether or not kids want to discuss these tricky topics with their parents.

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