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This may mean spelling out that while you want your dad to speak, you think your mom has something important and different to say, and you want her to speak also.

Toasts should go in an order that makes sense to you, often ending with one of the most important people in your life.

Some couples totally hate that the toasts mean by nature that everyone is looking at them… Once you open the mic to a bunch of slightly drunk people, you might never get to move on to the rest of the night.

For a long time, toasts have been mostly the province of men, and even in progressive weddings, it can be easy for the people around you to revert to traditional norms, which means a whole lot of men will speak on your behalf, and very few women.

So let’s dispense with all the bad advice that people will give you.

In certain situations, subordinates may have access to information their superiors don't, or have an insight that would result in a more effective plan than the one their boss proposed.

"Good leaders must welcome this, putting aside ego and personal agendas to ensure that the team has the greatest chance of accomplishing its strategic goals," Willink writes.

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