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Palladius was not the only early cleric in Ireland at this time.

The Irish-born Saint Ciarán of Saigir lived in the later fourth century (352–402) and was the first bishop of Ossory.

In the dioceses of Ireland, it is both a solemnity and a holy day of obligation; it is also a celebration of Ireland itself.

The Declaration is the more biographical of the two.

His own writings provide no evidence for any dating more precise than the 5th century generally.

His Biblical quotations are a mixture of the Old Latin version and the Vulgate, completed in the early 5th century, suggesting he was writing "at the point of transition from Old Latin to Vulgate", accept the earlier date of c.

According to the Confessio of Patrick, when he was about 16, he was captured by Irish pirates from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland, looking after animals; he lived there for six years before escaping and returning to his family.

The dates of Patrick's life are uncertain; there are conflicting traditions regarding the year of his death.

Ciaran, along with saints Auxilius, Secundinus and Iserninus, is also associated with early churches in Munster and Leinster.

By this reading, Palladius was active in Ireland until the 460s.

Saint Patrick's Day is observed on 17 March, the supposed date of his death.

It is celebrated inside and outside Ireland as a religious and cultural holiday.

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where he found a ship and with difficulty persuaded the captain to take him.

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